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(b) e-Raticate Rodent Repellant System - Ctn. 6 ea. Easy-Pour Qts.


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Minimum Quantity 6 Quarts per Carton  6 ea. @ 22.95 ea. Total $137.70   

 e-Raticate can help drive foraging rodents from their Food Source near your home, small business, commercial property or anywhere trash or stored food products are drawing the attention of rodents.  Use e-Raticate as an addition to your current rodent abatement program. 

Wild rodents survive on foraged food.  Once they find a food source, such as trash, packaged goods or food storage, they settle in to eat and multiply.  Rats have a voracious appetite.  They are also highly suspicious and paranoid about unfamiliar objects and odors in their otherwise, familiar surroundings.  As soon as the food source runs dry, they move on in search of a new foraging location.  Without an available food source, they starve and die quickly and naturally.  The safest and most humane and natural way to reduce the rapid population growth is to drive them away from your property (their food source) to prevent them from foraging and let them die naturally!   e-Raticate contains a fresh scent (to humans) but very disturbing to rodents, which drives them off to look for another food source.

EPA 25b exempt, minimum risk product.

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