New products have just arrived

One day, during a business luncheon held at a New York street-side cafĂ© in June of 2013, attended by members of the CBCB executive team.  Shortly after our meal was done and we were enjoying coffee, our lunch was invaded by nearly a dozen rats that seemed to come out of nowhere.   Of course, we moved to a new location and the discussion quickly turned to the overpopulation of rats in New York and other major cities.  What we discovered was that most New Yorkers have become complacent with the rats that have become part of their environment.  Our guests, New York businessmen with a concern for the health and welfare of humans, agreed that the rat population was growing out of control.  Our research began within weeks, as we searched for a chemical-free approach to curbing the population growth.  Originally named the Pied Piper Project, our investigations brought us closer and closer to a growing problem that has existed for centuries, and it was much larger than most people could ever believe.  It was also not exclusive to New York.  Every major city, small suburban community and rural towns had their own rodent problems to face.  We also considered the damages created by the use of poisons..

The ultimate results of our research were the creation of a new proprietary product, E-Raticate Rodent Repellant.  Comprised of a centuries-old natural formula, scientifically engineered with other composite mixtures to instantly attack the olfactory nervous system of rodents and drive them from their primary food source, which may be on your property, at your business or around your food storage facility..

As we continue to expand our reach, CBCB Products, LLC will always consider the environment,.